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Your Options on Bridal Party Hair and Makeup Las Vegas

The bridal party is different from the wedding ceremony in terms of overall vibe. While the actual wedding ceremony is more solemn and formal, the bridal party can be the exact opposite. Although there are couples who prefer a formal bridal party rather than a spontaneous one. By this, the bride and some members of the bridal entourage—particularly the maid of honour and bridesmaids may consider a different hair and makeup style for the bridal party.


The bridal party is more energetic with songs, dances and social interactions. Women who are part of the bridal entourage may feel that they want to have a different hairstyle and makeup done for the party so they can socialize more. If you have not considered this scenario yet, this might be the time to do so. Remember that although the wedding ceremony is the highlight of the “big day”, having a great bridal party is equally important.


For your bridal party hair and makeup Las Vegas, you can have the following option:

  • Opt for Makeup and Hairstyle Fit for Both Ceremonies

The easiest and most common way to have the right makeup and hairstyle for both the wedding ceremony and the bridal party is to choose a style that fits both. This type of style borders between formal and informal, with a touch of both without totally eliminating the other. Discuss this with your hair and makeup artists to find the best style for you.

  • Transforming Hairstyle

In this option, you can have the makeup as is, but allow the hairstyle to be easily transformed. For example, you may opt for an up-do on your hair for the wedding ceremony which can be easily let down for a different, but still stunning look for the bridal party.

  • Completely Different Styles

Finally, you can choose to have completely different looks for the wedding ceremony and the bridal party. This must be arranged with the makeup artist. This means that you need to have another makeup and hairstyle touch after the wedding ceremony or while the guests are still accommodating themselves at the venue. Just make sure that it is done quick so as not to drag the party and that your wedding program in charge has some tricks to entertain the guests while the touches are being done.