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What It’s Really Like To Be A Makeup Artist

Many people are oblivious to what really goes on behind-the-scenes in the cosmetics world. Most think that it is all sparkle and not as much work as it is in reality. When the flashy lights become dimmed, the models scatter, and the photography session ends, real life starts again. For just about every makeup artist in the world, this means living a life very similar to that of everyone else in Las Vegas.

One of the biggest oversights is that makeup artist customers are simply paying for a pretty makeover when they call upon their services. It isn’t as easy as one may think to carry out the life of a makeup artist, for there are numerous costs to living the life. Every licensed makeup artist has to pay self employment taxes annually. This tax is not taken out of the cost of service automatically, for most self employed have to keep very strict records of all their income and expenses.

bridal makeup las vegasAnother thing to consider is the convenience that makeup artists can provide. The luxury of having an artist travel to you is one that is unmatched by just about any parlor you can think of. No matter how comfortable those make you feel, there is just no place like home. Or, wherever else you need the service to be done. They have to account for the cost of gas and wear and tear on the artist’s car so they can get to you. The cost of the expensive quality brushes and tools used on makeovers alone would be enough to make anyone understand why there is sometimes a need for high service fees. The quality makeup that is used on you in their kit is also part of the reality of where your money goes after giving it to your makeup artist as well.

Let’s face it. Makeup artists did not become so only by having a love for their craft. It take years of training, experience, and practice as well. Just as with a number of other industry fields, the cosmetic industry constantly changes and evolves to keep itself competitive. Your artist’s education and continuing of initial education to stay current on trends isn’t cheap to fund either.

Many think that after the makeover is done, makeup artists spend all of their time chatting it up with celebrities and millionaires. Truth is, there is a lot more work to be done after that point. You must consider the hours put in corresponding to your emails and drawing up your contract, as well as other customers. Since every customer may have different needs, the time put in can be considerable.

Lots of clients do not understand either that there are numerous other costs that a makeup artist must factor in to their service fees. The cost of phone & internet bill, office supplies, and computer so they can run their business has to be managed on a monthly basis. Since most makeup artists work outside of a typical parlor, the internet brings them the majority of their business, apart from that which they get from word of mouth. This means that they also have to pay for marketing so you can find them when you do a search. No company can be run without liability insurance either. This is especially true for those in the cosmetics field.

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Lastly, it should also be mentioned that no matter the level of commitment that a makeup artist has for her business and craft, they still are human at their core. The time spent away (usually on precious weekends) from who they love so that you can look beautiful comes at a high price for most, even if it is doing what they love to do. This holds true for even the most respected Las Vegas makeup artist. There simply never seems to be enough time, and this is even more true in the city that never sleeps.

Hopefully, this bit of insight into the life of a makeup artist will allow you to appreciate the craft even more, as well as the artistry that is being delivered to you regularly. Without your artist, you would not be able to express yourself as you can with their aid. In reality, they help you and you help them continue doing what they love the most in life.