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The Art of Henna Bridal Designs

Henna tattooing is an ancient art form used to symbolize a variety of meanings. Today, it is used to symbolize good fortune and happiness as seen in many celebrations and ceremonies including traditional weddings. The Bridal Mehendhi traditionally covers three-quarters of the forearm with intricate, delicate & elaborate design on the palms, backs of and hands and feet. The process can take hours depending on how intricate the designs are.

Henna bridal designs are intricately placed on the bride’s palms symbolizes the blessings she will be receiving and offering. Typically, this includes flower and sun designs as well as mandalas. Henna bridal designs are intricately placed at the back of the hand traditionally symbolized protection, here shield designs are quite common. Henna designs on the feet convey deep meaning since the feet connects to the earth, body, mind and spirit.

Not sure which one to have? Here are the most common designs used in weddings:
1. Sahasara – a symbol that unites the soul through a divine force.
2. Peacock – a symbol for beauty
3. Swans – a symbol for success as well as beauty
4. Birds – a favorite theme, birds are the messengers between heaven and earth.
5. Butterflies and Dragonflies – a symbol for change and rebirth.
6. Paisley – a symbol for fertility and luck.
7. Flowers – symbolizes pure joy
8. Vines and Leaves – symbolizes devotion and vitality
9. Eye – it is a spiritual form of protection, a Mehendhi eye is a comforting companion.
10. Snakes and Lizards – symbolizes the seekers of enlightenment

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