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Spray Tanning


Initial Spray Tan – $75
Touch-ups (in your room) – $25


Your tan will be administered by an experienced technician, not a session in an automatic spray-tan booth, where your results may be less even and realistic. Our tans last 7-10 days and always look amazing. Here are some tips to follow before getting your tan:

Before the tanning technician gets to you…

  • Get waxed two to three days before the tan or shave
  • No lotion/moisturizer after exfoliation no perfume no deodorant
  • You will be showering 18-24 hours after the tan
  • After the shower lotion and moisturize all day long as much as possible
  • The tan will last 7-10 days the more you moisturize after the tan the better.
  • It will not come off on your clothes, if it did we would not use it, especially on our brides.
  • Do not exfoliate after the tan is on.


Please remember to print this page out and put in tanning envelope or wedding folder.