Henna is naturally derived from plants, comes in many colors, and lasts 2-3 weeks.

Henna specialists come to you and discuss what you would like done. Pricing is $100/hour. Call for an estimate or consultation.

Booking Advice

  • We recommend that you to book the mehendhi 2 days prior to the date of the wedding. Mehendhi takes 48 hours to develop its deepest and darkest color. If you have two functions, for example a wedding on Saturday and the reception on Sunday, then it is your choice whether you want to book your mehendhi night on Thursday or Friday.
  • Once you have confirmed your dates, contact Beauty In Vegas to check availability and timings.
  • The booking will only be confirmed once a 50% deposit has been received. We accept payment by credit card or cash.

How to Combine Spa Treatments

  • Manicures/Pedicures: We recommend that manicures and pedicures are completed the day before the application of mehendhi. The salon may use chemicals and creams which may adversely affect the color of your mehendhi.
  • Moisturizers: We recommend that the area of application is free from creams and moisturizers. Creams can form a barrier and prevent the mehendhi from penetrating the top layer of your skin. This can adversely affect the color of the stain.

Please follow these instructions to ensure the best results.

3/4 Forearm, Hands & Feet

Traditional henna covering three-quarters of the forearm with intricate, delicate & elaborate design on palms, backs of hands and feet. The bride chooses an individual who will get their mehendhi free of charge up to the value of $30.

1/2 Forearm, Hands & Feet

Traditional henna covering half forearm area with intricate, delicate design on palms, backs of hands and feet.

Hands & Feet

Traditional henna intricate design on palms, simple design on backs of hands and feet.

Hands Only

Traditional Mehendhi design on palms and backs of the hand.