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Makeup Artist Las Vegas

What It’s Really Like To Be A Makeup Artist

Many people are oblivious to what really goes on behind-the-scenes in the cosmetics world. Most think that it is all sparkle and not as much work as it is in reality. When the flashy lights become dimmed, the models scatter, and the photography session ends, real life starts again. For just about every makeup artist in the world, this means living a life very similar to that of everyone else in Las Vegas.

One of the biggest oversights is that makeup artist customers are simply paying for a pretty makeover when they call upon their services. It isn’t as easy as one may think to carry out the life of a makeup artist, for there are numerous costs to living the life. Every licensed makeup artist has to pay self employment taxes annually. This tax is not taken out of the cost of service automatically, for most self employed have to keep very strict records of all their income and expenses.

bridal makeup las vegasAnother thing to consider is the convenience that makeup artists can provide. The luxury of having an artist travel to you is one that is unmatched by just about any parlor you can think of. No matter how comfortable those make you feel, there is just no place like home. Or, wherever else you need the service to be done. They have to account for the cost of gas and wear and tear on the artist’s car so they can get to you. The cost of the expensive quality brushes and tools used on makeovers alone would be enough to make anyone understand why there is sometimes a need for high service fees. The quality makeup that is used on you in their kit is also part of the reality of where your money goes after giving it to your makeup artist as well.

Let’s face it. Makeup artists did not become so only by having a love for their craft. It take years of training, experience, and practice as well. Just as with a number of other industry fields, the cosmetic industry constantly changes and evolves to keep itself competitive. Your artist’s education and continuing of initial education to stay current on trends isn’t cheap to fund either.

Many think that after the makeover is done, makeup artists spend all of their time chatting it up with celebrities and millionaires. Truth is, there is a lot more work to be done after that point. You must consider the hours put in corresponding to your emails and drawing up your contract, as well as other customers. Since every customer may have different needs, the time put in can be considerable.

Lots of clients do not understand either that there are numerous other costs that a makeup artist must factor in to their service fees. The cost of phone & internet bill, office supplies, and computer so they can run their business has to be managed on a monthly basis. Since most makeup artists work outside of a typical parlor, the internet brings them the majority of their business, apart from that which they get from word of mouth. This means that they also have to pay for marketing so you can find them when you do a search. No company can be run without liability insurance either. This is especially true for those in the cosmetics field.

wedding hair and makeup las vegas

Lastly, it should also be mentioned that no matter the level of commitment that a makeup artist has for her business and craft, they still are human at their core. The time spent away (usually on precious weekends) from who they love so that you can look beautiful comes at a high price for most, even if it is doing what they love to do. This holds true for even the most respected Las Vegas makeup artist. There simply never seems to be enough time, and this is even more true in the city that never sleeps.

Hopefully, this bit of insight into the life of a makeup artist will allow you to appreciate the craft even more, as well as the artistry that is being delivered to you regularly. Without your artist, you would not be able to express yourself as you can with their aid. In reality, they help you and you help them continue doing what they love the most in life.

Irish Weddings in Las Vegas

vegas bride before and after

I’ve done wedding hair and makeup for quite a few clients who traveled all the way from Ireland to get married in our lovely city of Las Vegas. And apparently, my work has the Irish talking! After multiple referrals from her friends, Linda called me all the way from Ireland and booked me to do her hair and makeup on her big day in Las Vegas. I was honored to have the privilege of working on her beautiful Irish hair and skin.

bridal updo wedding las vegasIrish Wedding Las Vegas Bridal Hairbridal hair and makeup vegas irish wedding

A little re-shaping of her eyebrows gives her whole face a lift. Her eyes look open, bright and alert. That fair Irish complexion looks gorgeous and fresh. Her hair is modern, natural and full.

Linda loved this look so much that she referred me to a cousin who is having her wedding in Las Vegas next year!

Your Options on Bridal Party Hair and Makeup Las Vegas

The bridal party is different from the wedding ceremony in terms of overall vibe. While the actual wedding ceremony is more solemn and formal, the bridal party can be the exact opposite. Although there are couples who prefer a formal bridal party rather than a spontaneous one. By this, the bride and some members of the bridal entourage—particularly the maid of honour and bridesmaids may consider a different hair and makeup style for the bridal party.


The bridal party is more energetic with songs, dances and social interactions. Women who are part of the bridal entourage may feel that they want to have a different hairstyle and makeup done for the party so they can socialize more. If you have not considered this scenario yet, this might be the time to do so. Remember that although the wedding ceremony is the highlight of the “big day”, having a great bridal party is equally important.


For your bridal party hair and makeup Las Vegas, you can have the following option:

  • Opt for Makeup and Hairstyle Fit for Both Ceremonies

The easiest and most common way to have the right makeup and hairstyle for both the wedding ceremony and the bridal party is to choose a style that fits both. This type of style borders between formal and informal, with a touch of both without totally eliminating the other. Discuss this with your hair and makeup artists to find the best style for you.

  • Transforming Hairstyle

In this option, you can have the makeup as is, but allow the hairstyle to be easily transformed. For example, you may opt for an up-do on your hair for the wedding ceremony which can be easily let down for a different, but still stunning look for the bridal party.

  • Completely Different Styles

Finally, you can choose to have completely different looks for the wedding ceremony and the bridal party. This must be arranged with the makeup artist. This means that you need to have another makeup and hairstyle touch after the wedding ceremony or while the guests are still accommodating themselves at the venue. Just make sure that it is done quick so as not to drag the party and that your wedding program in charge has some tricks to entertain the guests while the touches are being done.

Beauty in Vegas Receives 2014 Best Businesses of Las Vegas Award

best makeup artist in las vegasLas Vegas Award Program Honors the Achievement

Las Vegas, March 10, 2015 — Beauty in Vegas has been selected for the 2014 Best Businesses of Las Vegas Award in the Makeup Artists category by the Best Businesses of Las Vegas Award Program.

Each year, the Best Businesses of Las Vegas Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Las Vegas area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2014 Best Businesses of Las Vegas Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Best Businesses of Las Vegas Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About the Best Businesses of Las Vegas Award Program

The Best Businesses of Las Vegas Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Las Vegas area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Best Businesses of Las Vegas Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Best Businesses of Las Vegas Award Program

wedding services las vegas

Top Reasons to Hire Professional Wedding Services in Las Vegas

Every couple wants to make their wedding day as perfect as possible. Weddings give birth to memories that last a lifetime, and so every minor detail must be checked and ensured. This is the reason why professional wedding services Las Vegas must be hired. However, there are certain cases wherein the couple considers hiring a “budding artist” or a close friend to do some of the services for them—be it for relational or monetary considerations. Yet, how many times have we heard about wedding details gone wrong because the service provider was not professional enough to deliver the best results.


This is the exact scenario you would want to avoid on your “big day”. By hiring a professional wedding services Las Vegas has, you save yourself from worry and ensures only the best outcome for your wedding. Below are top reasons why professional service is always better than having a friend or an amateur work for you:

  1. A Professional is Committed to You

Professional wedding service providers, who rely on the reputation of their business to get more clients in the future, are bounded by professional agreements with you on your wedding day. Thus, you can be assured that they will turn up on time in the appointed day and will not leave you hanging. This is often stipulated in contracts signed by you and the professional service provider, so you can be certain that you are secured.

  1. You Get Experienced Hands to Do the Job

Most professional wedding service Las Vegas providers have the right experience and expertise in delivering only the best outcome for you and you wedding day. They are already familiar and adept on how the details are set and how to do the job, so you stay worry-free.

  1. Excellent Results

Because professional wedding service provider have the experience, you can be assured of excellent results as compared to amateurs. In short, you get what you PAY FOR!

  1. No Relationship Risks

Having a friend work for you may risk your relationship. A friend may feel bad for letting him or her work without paying them or you may have a hard time communicating when you don’t like the results. This may cause the relationship to sour and you don’t want that happening.


  1. Your Friends and Family Can Enjoy Your Wedding


Leaving the job to professional wedding service Las Vegas providers will allow your family and friends to enjoy your wedding more. You get to really enjoy the day with them and have great fun!

wedding hair and makeup las vegas

Booking a Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist in Las Vegas

If you want to get the best wedding hair and makeup Las Vegas artist, you have to understand that those who are highly in demand often gets booked early especially during peak seasons as June and December. Thus, you have to make your booking at least four to five months before your wedding day, or earlier than that. When it comes to your trial makeup, it needs to be scheduled at least three or two months before the weeding for there are things that need to be fixed and to ensure that you have ample time to decide and perfect your look.


Things to Bring During a Trial Makeup


To make your trial makeup with a wedding hair and makeup Las Vegas artist bear a more desirable outcome, you need to bring the following with you:

  • Material sample of what your dress is made from.
  • Material sample of what your bridesmaids’ dresses are made from.
  • Picture of the flowers you will be carrying with you.
  • Jewelry and accessories that you consider to wear on your wedding day.
  • Wedding dress picture.
  • Venue details and other relevant information.

Working with Your Hair and Makeup Artist


Communication is key when it comes to working with your wedding hair and makeup Las Vegas artist. You need to disclose any information relevant to your hair and makeup. For example, if you have a certain look that you want to achieve, discuss it; or better yet, bring a long a picture to make it easier for the hair and makeup artist. If you are planning to change your look prior to the wedding day like getting a haircut or getting a tan, make sure that your hair and makeup artist is aware of it.


If during the trial makeup session, you are happy and satisfied with the work, make sure that they take note of the colors they used and the process as a whole. It is also advisable to take a picture of that look so the makeup artist has something to work with comes the wedding day.


Follow up your wedding hair and makeup Las Vegas artist a week before the wedding to finalize time and venue schedule of your wedding preparations.

Who Must a Hair and Makeup Artist be Booked For?


Aside from the bride, the wedding hair and makeup Las Vegas artist must be booked for other members of the entourage. This includes the maid of honour, bridesmaids who will get ready together with the bride, as well as the mothers of the couple who will get ready with the bride.


Make sure that the makeup artists are aware of who they are booked for, along with other details like pictures, ages (for young members of the entourage like flower girls) and others.

A Wonderful Review from Fitness Model, Allie Grady

“I came to Nikki stressed about entering my first bikini competition, and she went above and beyond to make my experience very enjoyable! From the spray tans, to my hair and make up, Nikki took care of me my experience with her was unbelievable! She was incredibly kind and made me feel completely at ease. She is my go to girl now, and I am a customer for life! Thank you for all of your help Nikki, you are the best!” – Allie Grady

las vegas spray tan allie grady fitness model allie grady fitness model

The Art of Henna Bridal Designs

Henna tattooing is an ancient art form used to symbolize a variety of meanings. Today, it is used to symbolize good fortune and happiness as seen in many celebrations and ceremonies including traditional weddings. The Bridal Mehendhi traditionally covers three-quarters of the forearm with intricate, delicate & elaborate design on the palms, backs of and hands and feet. The process can take hours depending on how intricate the designs are.

Henna bridal designs are intricately placed on the bride’s palms symbolizes the blessings she will be receiving and offering. Typically, this includes flower and sun designs as well as mandalas. Henna bridal designs are intricately placed at the back of the hand traditionally symbolized protection, here shield designs are quite common. Henna designs on the feet convey deep meaning since the feet connects to the earth, body, mind and spirit.

Not sure which one to have? Here are the most common designs used in weddings:
1. Sahasara – a symbol that unites the soul through a divine force.
2. Peacock – a symbol for beauty
3. Swans – a symbol for success as well as beauty
4. Birds – a favorite theme, birds are the messengers between heaven and earth.
5. Butterflies and Dragonflies – a symbol for change and rebirth.
6. Paisley – a symbol for fertility and luck.
7. Flowers – symbolizes pure joy
8. Vines and Leaves – symbolizes devotion and vitality
9. Eye – it is a spiritual form of protection, a Mehendhi eye is a comforting companion.
10. Snakes and Lizards – symbolizes the seekers of enlightenment

We offer a variety of bridal packages designed to help you achieve the weeding look you have always dreamed of. For Las Vegas Henna Bridal Designs, call us at (702) 328-2991 for inquiries!

Enjoying Your Wedding Day!

Weddings are beautiful yet highly-stressful and every bride will tell you what a whirlwind it was. It’s not uncommon for brides to forget and miss details of their wedding day due to all the stress and commotion. Here are 5 tips to help you have a not-so-stressful wedding and still look like the belle of the ball.

1. It’s the marriage not the wedding. Remember this as you take wedding photos, as you walk down the aisle and as you dance with your husband. Not every detail of your wedding will be perfect like the way you planned it. There will be glitches and it’s okay!

2. Delegate, delegate, delegate! Your bridesmaids will be doing an awful lot to help make the wedding of your dreams come true, so choose them wisely. Assign tasks to people you trust, hire an experienced coordinator if you need to, to help ease the confusion on the big day!

3. Your wedding tote. This should be a no brainer. Women, after all have an uncanny ability to fit all her “essentials” in a purse no matter how small. Just make sure you have blotting papers, a lipstick and a small perfume.

4. It’s all about relaxing. Keep a stress-free environment in your prep room. As much as possible limit the number of people allowed access. That means you, your beauty crew, your bridesmaids and photographer only. Oh and don’t forget to have a small snack and light some lavender scented candles to help keep the mood calm.

5. Don’t forget your fiancé. He may just be as nervous as you are. Sure he won’t need to put on layers of tool and fabric but he needs a little comfort too. A quick “I love you” text or maybe even a small gift sent via messenger is a nice way to connect to each other despite the crazy day.

Keep your cool and concentrate on yourself, have a trusted beauty service help you achieve the bridal look you want so you can walk down the aisle happy, confident and absolutely gorgeous.

We offer premier Las Vegas Bridal Packages designed to pamper, delight and meet every bride’s need! Call us at (702) 328-2991 for inquiries!